Welcome to Shin Uesugi's Page!!

This website was created by FIDE Master Shinsaku (Shin) Uesugi,
a former National Chess Champion of Japan, U.S. National High School
Chess Champion, and 2008 Chess Olympiad representative.

The primary purpose of this website is to introduce high level
chess concepts and ideas to Japanese chess players, who lack
such resources as opposed to chess players here in the United States.

Shin learned html and css on May 2013, when he first built Shin Uesugi's Page,
and currently learning javascript/jquery/jqueryui on a daily basis.
When he is not working on his homework, he is usually working to
add more contents to the website. Unfortunately, this website is
Japanese-only (except for this page :P), but feel free to go around
and check out some cool stuffs!

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